Sshrishti…Nurturing the nation’s future through its children

11.9 million children in the country have never been to a school

Education for equality. Education for change.

Every woman empowered. Every life transformed.

Every 5th child in the world calls India home. And yet…40% of India’s children are underfed and malnourished.

The country is home to 60 million child-workers. Without a childhood. Without a future.


  • To create a literate and equitable society with every child and woman empowered to pursue their dreams.


  • To provide an education fostering social equity, inclusive development, and effective economic and public participation.



    • Proud recipient of the award for Best NGO in North India, 2010 (in small category) from the Rockefeller Foundation & Resource Alliance.


      - Finalist at the India NGO Awards 2013-14 (in small category) from Edelgive Foundation & Rockefeller Foundation.


    • Sshrishti India Trust is a registered trust enjoying 80G, 12A, FCRA certification from the government.


      - Accreditation from Give India and Guidestar India & Credibility Alliance.


      - Sshrishti India Trust follows all norms of good governance and functions in a democratic and a participatory manner.

About Sshrishti:

Sshrishti concerns itself with children – children who call India home, but continue to be deprived of their most elementary right, the right to learning and dignity, the right to a childhood.
Sshrishti also reaches out to women from some of the most impoverished communities in Delhi and rural India. From the slums of Delhi to the hills of Kumaon.


A Decade of Growth

Contact Us

Head Office
Flat No.: 1, 1st Floor,
161/B-9 Vijayalaxmi Complex,Kishangarh(Car Mkt.), Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi-110070
Mobile No.: 9313748115, 9810203491

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