Digital Literacy

In an age of the digital revolution, only 6.5% of India’s population is digitally literate.

Sshrishti’s vision of integrative, holistic development also makes for Sshrishti’s efforts towards providing for and bridging the ever widening divide in digital literacy. Given post-independent India’s lop-sided development outcomes and the continuing disparity in its planning and implementation, Sshrishti attempts, through its initiatives in digital literacy to provide elementary and advanced training in computer applications to those on the outside of India’s digital revolution.

For, while the nations achievements in digital and associated technologies continues to empower a section of its populace, its persisting exclusions make for the impoverishment and destitution of a large mass of its peoples. It is this excluded mass that remains devoid of both, literacy in digital technologies and the associated dividends that it brings in terms of employability, communications and functionality.

Sshrishti’s Initiatives in Digital Literacy

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b. Remedial Education
c. Digital Literacy
d. Women's Skill Development
e. Mahila Panchayat
f. CRN

Digital literacy, Sshrishti hopes, would not only supplement schooling and education but also foster employability, greatly enhancing the quality of livelihood possibilities available to youth from marginalized and impoverished communities. It is with these objectives that Sshrishti’s programme incorporates:

  • 1. Training in basic computer applications like MS Office.
  • 2. Trained computer educator with a well-planned syllabus
  • 3. Computer classes being conducted in two batches to suit varying school hours
  • 4. Community mobilization and outreach activities for securing greater participation from  women and girls.
  • 5. Use of digital technology to foster awareness and supplement school education
  • 6. Encouragement to creative skills using computer applications


Sshrishti currently runs centres for computer training and digital literacy at:

Project Year of Inception Location
Sshrishti Learning Centre 2003 Kishangarh Village, Vasant Kunj, Delhi
Community Resource Centre (CRN)  2013 Village Gahena, Dist. Nainital, Uttarakhand (Project Completed)
Community Resource Centre (CRN) 2014 Village Kasiyalekh, Dist. Nainital, Uttarakhand (Project Completed)

Community Resource Centre (CRN)


Village Cluster Mukteshwar 


Community Resource Centre (CRN)

2016 Village Cluster Okhalkanda
Sshrishti Bal Siksha 2016 Bhatti Mines, Sanjay Colony, Delhi
Sshrishti Amal 2016 Sihali jageer,Amroha, Uttar Pradesh
Sshrishti Udyam 2016 Bhatti Mines, Sanjay Colony, Delhi 
Sshrishti Skill Devlopment Centre 2016 D-38,Phase-4,Ayanagar,delhi






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