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Sshrishti CRN aspires to improve education and livelihood opportunities of most vulnerable rural communities of Uttarakhand. The project envisions to address the prevalent low learning outcomes in schools. Another important focus is to bring digital literacy to the children and youth of the region to enable them to be a part of the modern 21st. century world. These initiatives will address their lack of skills to access higher education or remunerative employment. The project CRN will attempt to foster sustainable development through interventions that secure ecological regeneration, skill-building, digital literacy and women's empowerment.

Sshrishti's achievements:

  • Watershed management covering four villages in the Ramgarh block of Nainital district. This project had the following impact:
  • Increased availability of water for agriculture for approximately 8000 people.
  • Constructed four infiltration wells for providing clean drinking water
  • Regeneration of forest through planting of saplings.
  • Computer classes in Village Gahana training approximately 100 children and youth in basic computer applications
  • Two self-help groups of women registered and members duly trained in horticulture to nurture Sshrishti's nursery of plants. They also received training in tailoring to enhance their remunerative skill.


The Community Resource Centres: These centres are meeting the aspirations of rural children and youth of the Nainital district of Uttarakhand.
The centres in Vill.Lateybunga in Ramgarh block and in Vill. Jhargaon in Okhankanda Block offer classes in computer literacy to bridge the digital divide that keeps the youth of the region away from mainstream development.
The students of government schools from class VI to XII attend remedial classes in these centres to bridge their gaps in knowledge mainly in science subjects and mathematics.

In 2017 classes in English has been started to meet the aspiration of the youth of the area, who see this as important for their future higher education and job prospects.
Nearly 600 children and youth benefitted from the project.

Collaboration with government/private schools to improve learning outcomes and introduce digital literacy. Sshrishti is collaborating with 2 schools and plans to tie up with another 4 schools by May 2017

Know more about our programmes:

a. Holistic Learning
b. Remedial Education
c. Digital Literacy
d. Women's Skill Development
e. Mahila Panchayat
f. CRN

The programme reaches out to a total beneficiary base of 8050 across 4 villages in the Naitnital district of Uttarakhand incorporating:

  • 1. Plantation and water-management activities
  • 2. Self-help-groups for income generation opportunities
  • 3. Centres for Digital Literacy
  • 4. Knowledge Resource Centres & Libraries
  • 5. Skill-training in tailoring, horticulture and agricultural practices
  • In the next phase of project, water resources in the village will be managed to increase water availability. A watershed has been proposed in the villages of Saliakot Talla, Saliakot talla, Sunderkhal, Gehna and Sonera.


Sshrishti programmes at CRN 

      S.No. Year of Inception Location                  Programme                       
1. 2013 Village Gahena, Dist. Nainital, Uttarakhand (Project Completed) Digital Literacy 
2.  2014 Village Kasiyalekh, Dist. Nainital, Uttarakhand (Project Completed) Digital Literacy 
3. 2016-2017

Vill. Jamrari, Block Okhalkanda (Project Completed)


Digital Literacy 
4. 2016-2017

Vill. Jhargaon (Project Completed)

Digital Literacy

Cluster- Mukteshwar/ Block - Ramgarh

5. 2016 - till date  Leteybunga 

Digital Literacy, English, Remedial Education

6.  2017- till date  Government Model JH School, Sargakhet  Digital Literacy 
7.  2017- till date Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandir School, Ganguwachaur  Digital Literacy
    Cluster- Padampuri/ Block - Dhari  
8. 2017 - till date Guniyalekh

Digital Literacy, English, Remedial Education

9. 2017 - till date Satbunga

Digital Literacy, English, Remedial Education

10. 2017 - till date Government Inter College, Supi  

Digital Literacy

11. 2017 - till date Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Satbunga 

Digital Literacy

12. 2017 - till date JB Suyal, Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Ramgarh Talla  

Digital Literacy


















A glimpse of how Sshrishti is taking Digital Literacy and Skill Training to the fathest corners.

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