Womens Empowerment

Empowering Women. Empowering a Nation.

Women: The Worst Victims

It is the women, we recognize, who remain the worst victims of income poverty and our nation’s cultivated prejudices – of continuing patriarchal biases that make for the dismal states of its women populace. Grappling impoverishment and gendered discrimination, these women continue to bear the double burden of poverty and patriarchal orthodoxies, making for their sustained oppression and exclusion. Studies reveal that women also have fewer means to cope with the crises that grapple with.

While the nation continues to legislate on issues of women’s safety, crime against women, women’s harassment at the workplace and other concerns especially in the context of increased media visibility and public awareness, its women, by and large, both in urban and rural spaces remain, most plainly, the second sex – bearing inequities in health and education, in employment and incomes, grappling the worst forms of violence and humiliation.

In a country that prides itself for a tradition of goddess worship, of celebrating motherhood and feminity, 35 million women were missing in the nation’s population in the year 2012. Nearly 70% of the nation’s women continue to face violence in one form or the other. A nation that treats half its population with such callous neglect becomes according to a G20 study, the worst place for the woman to be born in!

Sshrishti’s Initiative for Women Empowerment

We at Sshrishti believe that it is the women who remain also, the bearers of the fundamental possibility of reform and change, the primary agents of radical social transformation. We thus affirm the centrality of women to any initiative of effective social reform – the idea that a woman empowered makes for the most radical means of development. Alternately, it remains apparent that any initiative of development and growth must remain both, necessarily incomplete and inevitably vacuous without addressing first, the cause of gender justice and equity.

Sshrishti’s initiative for women’s empowerment thus incorporates:

  • 1. Sshrishti Jagriti: Skill-development and Capacity-building for economic self-sufficiency
  • 2. Mahila Panchayat: Advocacy, Rights awareness and Legal redressal of grievances.
  • 3. Literacy and Education for dignity and empowerment

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