Schooling: Education for the 21st.century

NGO for Women skill development, child education NGO in India – Sshrishti Trust

Some dismal facts: 400 million children call India home. 8 million of them have never been to a school. 80 million will drop out before they complete elementary education.

7.1% of class 1 students in government run schools cannot yet identify alphabets. Only 47% of class 5 students could read a class 2 text.

From the very inception Sshrishti’s focus has been to provide modern and holistic education to children who have no access to it. The team at Sshrishti strongly believes that a solid foundation for the early years is essential for a child to continue in the path of learning. The mission has been to inculcate strong values and a love for learning. Sshrishti’s classrooms are hubs of joyous and creative activities.

Rote learning has been abandoned for a modern interactive model of learning which encourages a child to develop, critical thinking, communication skills and the ability to solve problems.

Technology is used to enhance learning and bring in conceptual clarity. Children in our primary school use tablets with preloaded software that complements theirs syllabus.

Other than the tablets the students also use special learning tools for mathematics and English, which facilitates deep understanding of the subjects and makes learning collaborative and interactive.

Creativity, communication and collaboration remain the guidelines for the education at Sshrishti’s learning centres, an education that will be relevant for the 21st. century.

Sshrishti’s Initiatives in Holistic Education

Sshrishti aspires to promptly address this critical lack of educational and schooling opportunities amongst India’s poorest communities. It also seeks to remedy the persistent low learning outcomes and high drop-out rates by provisioning a holistic programme of learning for underprivileged children that provides quality education along with adequate nutrition, life-skill training, and the cultivation of arts and sporting faculties.

Key Features:

  1. Offer a flexible scheme of admissions to cater to the needs of migrant labour
  2. Give special emphasis on the education of the girl-child
  3. Offer a robust foundation through creative learning for early years along with classes 1 – 4
  4. Aim at successfully mainstreaming students into government/private schools
  5. Offer supplementary learning and remedial classes
  6. Cater to nutrition and health through mid-day meals, milk, regular health monitoring.
  7. Incorporate Digital Literacy as a crucial component of education
  8. Incorporate creative, play and alternative pedagogies for holistic learning
  9. Life-skill education to nurture students into well-rounded individuals who are aware of both their rights and duties.
NGO for Women skill development, child education NGO in India – Sshrishti Trust

NGO for Women skill development, child education NGO in India – Sshrishti Trust

Educational Projects: 2017 – 19

Currently, Sshrishti provides holistic learning at 7 centres across Delhi:

Project Year Location Classes Daily Beneficiaries
Sshrishti Learning Centre 2003 - till date Kishangarh Village, Delhi II – VI, Remedial 202 children
Sshrishti Ladli 2006 - till date Kishangarh Village, Delhi Nursery- KG 178 children
Sshrishti Jai Hind Camp 2009 - till date Masoodpur, Delhi Nursery – I, Remedial 90 children
Sshrishti Bal Siksha 2010 - till date Bhatti Mines, Delhi Nursery- KG, Remedial 85 children
Sshrishti Community Resources Network (CRN) 2013 - till date Nainital-Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand Remedial 400 children,and youth(annual outreach)
Sshrishti Bachpan 2015 - till date Okhla, Delhi Nursery – I, Remedial 134 children
Sshrishti Chirag 2015 - till date Ghata Village, Gurgaon Nursery-KG 35 children
Sshrishti Umeed 2017 - till date Vasant Kunj, Delhi Nursery, Remedial, Women Adult Literacy 73 children, youth and women
Sshrishti Learning Centre II 2018 - till date Kishangarh Village, Delhi Nursery-KG, Remedial 119 children
NGO for Women skill development, child education NGO in India – Sshrishti Trust