Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a Management Concept , that was described as the new phase of globalization by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon. It is a transnational concept that aims to create ‘inclusive and sustainable markets, builds development and enhances international cooperation’.

Sshrishti is a reputed and recognized NGO that has been involved at grassroot level of mobilizing society for change since 2003. It has successfully created a platform through which extremely vulnerable children from migrant labour families can get quality education, and have the requisite training to be a functioning member of the wider society.

Sshrishti offers a credible opportunity for Business Organizations to get involved in the social sector and help build a more just society.

  • - Be a part of the social revolution.
  • - A partnership with Sshrishti will enhance your image as a socially conscious organization.
  • - It will give your brand a great visibility within the media and the development sector.
  • - Give employees a chance to make a difference to the society. Happy employees make for higher productivity.

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Flat No. 1, 1st Floor
Vijayalaxmi Complex,161-B/9 Kishangarh (Car Mkt.)
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070
Mobile No: 9313748115
E-mail: info@sshrishti.org

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