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Empowering Lives Through Education

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We strive to create a world where education empowers children, women, and youth, with equality at its core.

Sanghamitra Bose Founder
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Sshrishti Trust
Sshrishti Trust
Sshrishti Trust
Sshrishti Trust

Fostering Equality and Transforming Lives

Established in 2003 by Ms. Sanghamitra Bose in her living room, Sshrishti Trust began as an initiative for informal education, serving 50-60 children daily. Officially registered as a trust on December 15, 2003, it reached a milestone in September 2004 by moving to its first rented premises.

Today, Sshrishti focuses on education, digital literacy, and skill development with projects in states like Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

As a registered public charitable trust enjoying benefits under Section 80G of the Income-tax Act and FCRA. Sshrishti aspires to create a literate and equitable society. With a mission to provide quality education, particularly with technology in underserved communities, the trust has impacted over 2.5 million lives.

Sshrishti's journey is a testament to its commitment to education, transparency, and excellence, driving its continued positive impact on the lives of those it serves.

Empowering Lives, Transforming Communities

Our Commitment
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Quality Education

Gender Equality

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Reduced Inequalities

Transforming Lives Through Education and Skill Building

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Sshrishti Trust - Foundational Learning

Foundational Learning

Foundational learning is a key element in transforming education. At Sshrishti, we prioritize foundational learning to bridge educational gaps and reduce drop-out rates, fostering holistic development for India's underserved communities through quality education, nutrition, and skill training...

Sshrishti Trust - Remedial Learning

Remedial Learning

Remedial education is offered in underserved areas, including slums and rural regions such as Uttarakhand. In navigating the crucial transition from primary to secondary and higher education, Sshrishti recognizes the pivotal shift in learning dynamics, moving from foundational skills to advanced...

Sshrishti Trust - Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Sshrishti’s vision of integrated and holistic development entails Sshrishti’s efforts towards bridging the ever-widening divide in digital literacy. Given post-independent India’s lop-sided development outcomes and the continuing disparity in its planning and implementation....

Sshrishti Trust - Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

India manifests a prolonged and relentless history of violence against women and girls – a manifestation of the nation’s endemic patriarchal bias that manifests in myriad ways and in an array of domains. From domestic violence and marital rape, to dowry deaths, sexual abuse....

Sshrishti Trust - Skill Development

Skill Development

Sshrishti is dedicated to fostering skill development among women and youth from underserved communities, aiming to bridge the opportunity gap and promote equal access to education and employment. Our initiatives actively engage with young individuals.....

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Swarnadipa - Sshrishti Trust Testimonial
“Embarking on my journey at Sshrishti in September 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary.From immersive field visits to various centers, I've experienced a profound sense of overwhelming gratitude. In this brief span, I've come to realize how truly fortunate I am to be embraced by the Sshrishti family. The opportunity to engage with diverse communities and gain invaluable exposure has etched a special place in my heart. Undoubtedly, this experience will remain a cherished chapter in my professional and personal growth.”


Rigzin Namgial - Sshrishti Trust Testimonial
“I began my journey at Sshrishti in September 2023, where I had the valuable opportunity to acquire new skills, gain insights into rural slum areas, and develop expertise in resource mobilization. These experiences have significantly contributed to my growth as a social worker, laying a strong foundation for my career development.”
Rigzin Namgial


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Mohini is a promising young woman who lives her life shuffling between her job as a teacher at Sshrishti Trusts Jai Hind Camp, teaching underprivileged migrant children, and her education as a student of Jesus and Mary College
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