Sshrishti’s vision of integrated and holistic development entails Sshrishti’s efforts towards bridging the ever-widening divide in digital literacy. Given post-independent India’s lop-sided development outcomes and the continuing disparity in its planning and implementation, Sshrishti attempts to achieve digital literacy by providing basic, elementary, and advanced training in computer applications to those at the margins of India’s digital revolution who miss out on the associated dividends that bring in better opportunities at employability, communications, and functionality.

At Sshrishti, we hope that digital literacy will not only supplement schooling and education but also foster employability, greatly enhancing the quality of livelihood and possibilities available to youth from marginalized and impoverished communities. It is with these objectives that Sshrishti’s digital literacy programme incorporates:

  1. Training in basic computer applications like MS Office.
  2. Computer literacy skill training Training in job-oriented courses with a major focus on Coding (Python), Basic accounting (Tally ERP 9 with GST filing and Income Tax filing)
  3. BPO training, Graphics Design, Customer Care (Communication and Soft-skills)
  4. Community mobilization and outreach activities for securing greater participation from women and girls.
  5. Use of digital technology to foster awareness and supplement school education.

The programme started in 2008 in a village named Surana in Rajasthan and since then, has covered villages in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Currently, the project is operational in Delhi and across villages in Uttarakhand. Sshrishti’s digital literacy programme has so far benefited over 10,000 students.

Current Projects

Current Project

Community Resource Network (CRN)

Started in 2015, the CRN project in Uttarakhand aims at making digital education accessible to local children and youth and addresses their aspirations by providing opportunities for bridge-learning, building proficiency in digital literacy, coding, accounting and Spoken English and relevant life-skills.

Beneficiaries Impacted: 8047

Sshrishti Trust - Community Resource Network
Current Project

Computer Literacy programs in Government schools

In the context of India's imminent ascent to economic superpower status, children and youth stand to benefit most from the forces of globalization and digitalization. However, in rural and remote areas, home to over half of the population, digital literacy is nearly non-existent. Some regions grapple with challenges arising from inadequate classroom infrastructure and a scarcity of trained computer teachers, hindering access to digital education. Despite numerous government initiatives for rural beneficiaries, schools are yet to fully embrace the Digital India vision.

Sshrishti's Digital Literacy Programme actively tackles this digital divide by forging partnerships with local government education departments. The establishment of computer labs and community-level digital literacy classes has not only imparted knowledge and hands-on experience in computer technology to students, teachers, and the community but has also empowered them. Our ongoing initiatives are currently operational in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Leveraging the skills of local youth as computer trainers, the program goes beyond fostering digital empowerment; it creates valuable employment opportunities, contributing to a more inclusive and digitally literate society.

Beneficiaries Impacted: 15000

Sshrishti Trust - Computer Literacy programs in Government schools

Completed Projects

Completed Project

Digital Leap

Started in 2021, stands as a transformative endeavor embodied in Project Himalya Unnati Mission. The primary goal of this initiative is to revolutionize the landscape of skill development and vocational training within the state of Uttarakhand. Specifically targeting five district jails and seventeen government intermediate colleges spanning classes VI to XII, Project HUM signifies a bold step towards providing tangible and meaningful opportunities for skill enhancement and vocational training. This strategic intervention is designed to empower individuals within these institutions, fostering a conducive environment for personal and professional growth. By incorporating modern approaches to skill development, Digital Leap envisions creating a positive impact that extends beyond traditional educational boundaries, promoting a holistic and sustainable framework for the future.

Beneficiaries Impacted: 3041

Sshrishti Trust - Community Resource Network
Completed Project

Internet Saathi

Sshrishti Trust has been focussing on modern educational technology tools, including smart classes, Tab Labs, and STEM education, to deliver impactful learning outcomes to students in community-based learning centers, in alignment with the new education policy. In 2017-2018, Sshrishti successfully implemented Google-supported Internet Saathi to bridge the digital divide for rural women in Uttarakhand, providing them with cutting-edge technology to improve their quality of life

Beneficiaries Impacted: 13.5 Lakh

Sshrishti Trust - Internet Saathi
Completed Project

Digital Shakti

In 2022, Sshrishti secured the Digital Shakti Project, which seeks to distribute Tablets containing the BYJUS premium learning app and Mindspark to 600 government school students, as well as the two educational apps to an additional 150 students who can download them for free. IIM-Ahmedabad researchers are studying the ed-tech learning behavior of the students, while the Sshrishti team is increasing their learning and engagement through motivational nudges, school counseling, and device checks.

The project covered 750 government school students across 83 schools, ranging from 4th to 8th grade, in four blocks. The BYJU's premium learning app and the Mindspark app offer self-study models for remedial coaching in Science, Maths, and SST, with built-in content in English and Hindi, videos, quizzes, and progress reports. The project intends to investigate the students' learning patterns and behavior to create a research-based ed-tech learning model that can be replicated on a larger scale. The Digital Shakti Project is funded by the Central Square Foundation and supported by the ACT foundation for devices, as well as knowledge partners BJYUs and Mindspark, and research partners IIM Ahmedabad .

Beneficiaries Impacted: 750

Sshrishti Trust - Digital Shakti