From Poverty to Prosperity: Aarti's Inspiring Journey with Sshrishti Trust

sshrishti trust - arti

The smart and confident young lady at the OPD, managing the patients efficiently with a smile, is Aarti, the ENT coordinator at the prestigious Fortis Hospital in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. It has taken a lot of determination for her to reach where she is today. When she was a child, unable to sustain themselves, her family migrated from Uttarakhand to Delhi in search of livelihood. It was a dismal time for the family till her father managed a job as a driver, but his income was not enough, and the family continued to grapple with poverty.

Aarti was determined to access a better life and she understood the importance of education to reach her goal. She started her education in Sshrishti’s Learning Centre for the Early Years in her neighbourhood in Kishangarh and later moved on to the local government school. But after school hours she continued to learn English and life skills at Sshrishti. Thanks to that training, today she is a poised young lady, fluent in English. She gets emotional talking about all that she has learned from Sshrishti and thanks Sshrishti for the satisfying career she has today and for being able to provide some comfort to her family.

Empowering Dreams: Ashraful's Journey from Rag Picker Colony to Education

sshrishti trust - ashrafful

This mischievous six-year-old is a bright spark amidst the squalor of the rag pickers colony – Jai Hind Camp in South Delhi. Ashraful’s family migrated from a village in Bengal when he was just a baby. The family’s hope of attaining a decent livelihood in the city remains just a dream. His father works as a street vendor and mother a domestic help in affluent homes surrounding their colony. The money they earn is insufficient to feed and educate their children.

Sshrishti has taken young Ashraful under its wing, providing him with quality education for the early years and a chance to enjoy a normal childhood. He is a bright and eager learner, taking interest in all extracurricular activities offered at the centre. We hope Ashraful will grow up and finally achieve the family’s dream of living a life of dignity in the city and saving enough to someday go back to their village and rebuild their ancestral home.

From Shy Student to Efficient Cashier: Rehana's Journey of Success

sshrishti trust - rehana

She is busy at the payment counter of Big Bazaar, a large departmental store in South Delhi, cool, composed and efficient. Rehana has come a long way from the scrawny, shy girl who had joined Sshrishti Learning Centre in 2004. Like many others from their village in Bihar, her family had migrated to Delhi with the hope of a better life and settled in Kishangarh, a low-income colony in Delhi.

Rehana worked hard at her studies and having received a solid foundation for the early years at the Sshrishti Learning Centre, finished her schooling from the local government school. Even when she was in the government school, Rehana continued to avail herself of the remedial education classes offered by Sshrishti after school hours.

Thereafter, she secured a job as a cashier at the departmental store. For Rehana this is just the first step, she continues her education through the distance learning program of Delhi University. She hopes to graduate in two years and improve her career prospects. We at Sshrishti are cheering for this dynamic girl.

From Jainti to SBI: Megha's Inspiring Journey of Triumph

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Megha Bisht, who came from the poor town of Jainti in Almora, overcome obstacles and financial limitations to enrol in the CRN Center's accounting programme. She didn't have much support from her family, but she persisted. Her completion of the course attracted the attention of mentors who saw her potential and became a symbol of her tenacity.

Megha is now a backend operator at the State Bank of India, and her story of overcoming hardship to achieve success serves as an example for others. Her accomplishments not only helped her family escape poverty but also act as an inspiration to her neighbourhood. Megha's narrative highlights the transformational potential of education and personal willpower, demonstrating that anyone can overcome any challenge and clear the path to a better future by being persistent.

Empowering Dreams: Babita's Journey from Rural Almora to Digital Success

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This is the story of a young girl named Babita arya. Babita lived in a small village of almora district and came from a very poor family. Despite her difficult circumstances, Babita wasdetermined to succeed and she worked hard in Sshrishti CRNcenter patlibagar .She was particularly interested in computersand with the help of our trainers she taught herself how to usethem. She took advance computing course through CRN centerpatlibagar which helps her to develop new skills and learn moreabout computers in a professional setting.

After completing the course in september 2022 Babita was ableto find a job as data entry operator in Regional Transport OfficeAlmora. Her income now supports her family, and she was nowable to save money for her future. babita's experience demonstrates that with hard work,determination and access to education, even those from poor background can acquire digital literacy and find employment,which can change their future completly.